How To Help

How To Help

Sing On The Tree

We are always looking to have new people sing with us on the tree. The choir is open to anyone who is interested in singing. You do not have to be a member or attend Field Street Baptist Church to sing with us. You also do not have to read or know anything about music. We provide practice CDs to help choir members to learn music.


One of the most time consuming and volunteer-intensive activities around the tree is the construction and deconstruction of the tree. There is no experience needed as we have leaders to guide and instruct on how the tree is put together. The tree is constructed on the Sunday afternoon after Thanksgiving. While the construction is taking place other volunteers help to cover all the windows and doors in the Worship Center. We provide you with a hot lunch and all the materials and instructions needed to construct the Living Christmas tree.


The Living Christmas Tree is decorated by volunteers the Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday following the construction of the tree. The decoration involves checking the lights on the greenery, attaching the greenery to the tree, hanging tinsel and bows on the tree, and decorating the Worship Center. We will provide donuts in the mornings and lunch for all volunteers.

Greeters And Ushers

We are always looking for friendly individuals to help serve as ushers and greeters for our presentations. These are often the first people the attendees will see at the presentation.  


If you are interested in helping behind the scenes with our stage crew, fire and fall team, or other technical areas we can help you find a place to serve.

Living Christmas Tree 2020
Field Street Baptist Church’s Living Christmas Tree 2020 preparations have been delayed due to COVID-19. While we enjoy giving you all our best during the season, we have decided to reschedule and make plans for Christmas 2021
Stay tuned for other Christmas activities in our Church this year