What We Do

Since 1987, the Field Street Baptist Music Ministry has been presenting the Living Christmas Tree as a way to bring people in the doors to share the Good News of Christ’s birth through drama, music, and technology.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in a new and fresh way through the use of music, drama, and technology. The Living Christmas Tree is one of the largest ministry and outreach efforts of Field Street Baptist Church. We seek to involve as many volunteers to provide ownership of our congregation in the spreading of the Good News of Christ.

About The Tree

  • The tree stands 30-feet tall, consisting of 10 tiers
  • The tree has around 80,000 lights on it
  • Over 100 people volunteer each year to sing, build, decorate, set-up sound and lighting, and deconstruction of the tree
  • The Living Christmas Tree has been seen by over 50,000 people in 32 years

“The Living Christmas Tree is truly a blessing. Lots of work, but has the power to touch many.

Presentation was amazing. Praise God!”

— Past Years Attendees